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Sight Lyrics

Wolf & Bear – Sight Lyrics

I am not myself, I will never know why
Walking in circles, nothing passes me by
The world turns for me
The oceans, the seas, are only as deep as my eyes let them be
I'm not scared, I'm fucking fine
I witness nightmares, I'm not losing my mind
Reality will never cease to be
More than the veil that's in front of me

Sink beneath, I feel so weak
Takes the breath right out of me

Swimming in the sea might swallow you whole
Consuming your dreams like it's out of control
Trapped under ice and it's never been so thick
I won't look back, I won't go back
I know this time, that you're never gonna stop me
Don't deny, you were preying on my heartbeat hoping that I won't survive

I was sold sex so I bought some fries
My girlfriend goes out and fucks other guys
She believes it's what her spirit needs
Like ten things to do when you're twenty-five

(Drown where you drink)
(Die in your sleep)
And they always come crawling back
(False prophet of true progress)
Asking for something
Offering nothing
With outstretched hands

Your hearts there to guide you
Don't leave it beside you
We feel for a reason and change with the seasons
Your heart's there to guide you
Don't leave it beside you
We feel for a reason so don't commit treason

Bury me by myself, not in a mass grave
I won't live a lie and keep pretending

The shade envies the sunrise, because no one waits to see the shadows grow
It's getting colder and you still don’t have anywhere to go
I don’t mean to stare, I just know you'll always be there
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