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Different Fires Lyrics

Wolf & Bear – Different Fires Lyrics

Take pride, to take aim, arm the man with more than blades
The knife spins clockwise. Bury it in the King
You want to belong, you need to feel strong
The nature of the coward paves the way for the weak

Embers catch fire, and I'm at the center
If a match was the cause, I'm as guilty as ever
Like Moths upon the open flame
You don’t understand why you're burning

With our eyes locked and our blades at each other's throats
Brother vs brother, You have to live with the words you spoke

When it rains it floods, Better think or drown
Lay amidst the flames, Let your skin dry out
I am clairvoyant, My life lines been drawn
I'm way too far gone, so close the end isn't too far off

Each day you walk towards hell, if you salute the march then you're missing out

You have to live, You have to live with
The words you said and all your bullshit
You have to live, You have to live with
The ignorance you have been blessed with

Blackened skies, the storms approaching
Idle threats that lead to nothing
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