There is an absence within you,
A void which must be filled to continue
Unto the threshold of absolution.
Your soul lays dormant and must be awoken.

Beneath this skin we are free from the bonds
That shackle us to a reclusive form.
Our physical bodies may be bound to a prison,
But the mind's transcendence can silence the storm.

Everlasting – the will to overcome.
Unrelenting – the mind’s upheaval.
Abandon this dying world.

Vessels of flesh, now obsolete in the scope of celestial lore.
Vessels of flesh, sculptures of bone,
From this decaying husk I construct my throne.

Eyes transfixed with a piercing gaze,
Searching for a path through the blackened haze.
Cascades of despair will plague you no more,
As your soul flies free into evermore.
Transcend into oblivion.

Open the gateways to worlds untold.
Silence the storm, let ascension unfold.

This eve of ascension – it pulls me through,
Pulls me closer to the truth.
The third eyes sight must be revived,
Free your mind, extinguish life.
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Vessels Of Flesh Lyrics

Wings Of Thanatos – Vessels Of Flesh Lyrics

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