Upon this flesh I carve the flaws of humanity,
Seven words scrawled deeply in a crimson array.
As the wounds run deeper I am drawn into the light,
Only to be held back by these sins that shroud me.

Deprived of all sanity and self control,
Voices of darkness and light fight to manipulate and resolve -
Who will forever pull these strings inside my head?
This flesh puppet is theirs for the taking.

Falling, falling is Babylon,
Fallen, these dreams and hopes
Crafted from my desire -
The decay of man's empire.

Breathe in new life,
Breathe out disdain,
Basking in the drain of your life's essence -
My ecstasy, your pain.

Forsaken souls shall not pass onto the path of the righteousness.
Endeavoured to witness the glorification of my aftermath.
I am the scourge of their aspirations,
I am all they've ever despised,
The harbinger of salvation,
I am the wrath of God.

They stare in wonder as their life quickly fades away.
Dissonant, the only sounds that could be made,
Surely this will grant me entry?
I absolve you of all your sins,
Will this sacrifice be made in vein?
Atonement for what I became...
Atonement for sin.
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Atonement For Sin Lyrics

Wings Of Thanatos – Atonement For Sin Lyrics

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