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Newborn Lyrics

Will Varley – Newborn Lyrics

This town bleeds like an open wound
You found no peace in a rented room
And every brick sings a different tune
Either kissed or cried on every avenue
Well as she steals an hour from the darkest night
Wraps it up in gold and gives me some light
‘til there's nothing but shivers going down my spine
Rather wake for an hour than sleep for a lifetime
Well I make my way through the rain torn street
Past the drunks and their pieces of meat
The alcohol now clouds their minds
Souls are wishing for closing time

And the coat she bought is bound to keep me warm
Buttons are hanging off, sleeves are torn
The wind outside howls like a newborn

Please tell me why I’m here before you tell me to stay
The big bang doesn’t care if I pray
Well I could fill my time in a million ways
Put a little bit of sunshine in my day
There’s still a swing on the old oak tree
Where we used to play, my brother and me
And sometimes I feel like going home
But home is a childhood memory
Well I cried a tear when I heard the news
Really nothing that I could say or do
It’s the hardest lesson I ever learned
Light a candle just to watch it burn

So you get caught up in a raging winter storm
All the lights are off and the curtains are drawn
You can live like a king but you die like a newborn

Well I rolled a take me from place to place
Gonna let this hair grow from my face
And where I’m bound I cannot tell
If you believe the bible then I’m bound for hell
Well I got a lover now she got me
She knows a place inside my dreams
If I sell this ring it’ll make me sad
I’ll buy me a brand new sleeping bag
There’s a map of the stars on her chest
There’s a universe sitting behind her eyes
But I’ll meet you at 6 after some rest
We’ll get paid, we’ll get drunk and we’ll get by

Chase the sunset until the morning
We’ll sleep through a thousand world wars
And I’ll smile like a widow but cry like a newborn
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