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As The Crow Flies Lyrics

Will Varley – As The Crow Flies Lyrics

When that bird fell from its nest
Me and my sister did our best
To feed it earth worms everyday
After school we watched it fly away
I miss my mother, my old room and the sound of the rain
As it fell on the rooftops and ran along the drains
Sometimes it feels like an ocean that railway line
Sometimes it feels like were living in darker times
I'm heading back home for a couple of days
But I cant imagine all that much has changed
See that town moves with the colour of the sky
There's a face I recognise, As the crow flies

Well someones opened up a cafe on the rivers edge
I would go there in the summer, rent some boats out, we said
Those kids grew up in the beat of the old bass drum
From son to father, from father back to son.
That cat she used to run rings, always playing tricks on the dog
He'd be sitting in the kitchen, rolling around all covered in mud
Now they're buried in the garden in the shadow of the hawthorn tree
Farewell travellers may your souls always be free.
And we always get together this time of year
Always wish I could tell them what they are waiting to hear
But who said time moves in straight lines
At least I can say I tried, As the crow flies

She said you're drinking too much, I said yes I probably am
I find it easier to forget what I can't understand.
Like how all those snakes made it past the line so fast
And how the future turns so quickly into the past.
Now the cafe by the rivers all boarded up
There's an autumn wind blowing through the old horse chestnut
But I saw him in a dream, says he's doing alright
I can see him in your eyes, As the crow flies, As the crow flies.

But sometimes it feels like everything's been done before
The same ideas and the same four chords
But were still leaving in the morning for to cross the sea
Because not everything's been done by me.
I remember that boy in the fading august light
We watched that fledgling bird take its first flight
Well I hope that I have done you proud
And I promise to wake up and fight.
On the roads that we travel, On the oceans we sail
In the jaws of the dragon, in the belly of the whale
I will always keep you by my side
We'll get old and we'll get wise, As the crow flies.
Anywhere, anytime. As the crow flies.
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