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Hashish Lyrics

Will Brennan – Hashish Lyrics

Will Brennan (speaking):

Yeah, I just got this shit from Orlando called Red Mistress
Shout out to the homies who are smoking good
Wayward Minds, yeah...
I feel like there should be a party tonight
You know?

Will Brennan [Verse:]:

It's been a while since I had a pocket full of this cash and all of this
So I'm extra high, fitted extra fly
Cause I'm down south in Palm Beach
All these pretty girls come custom made
They be just the way that I need
Girl, you just the kind that I like
You should come and ride out with me
I'm headed down to Lauderdale
And my hotel is right off of the beach
Got this bottle with these mixers
Let's get tipsy off of these drinks.
While I'm rollin' up this Swisher
You can pop a Vitamin E.
This is about to be an adventure
You are now officially free,
To do what you want
Do what you like
Wont last forever, girl
It's only a night
I'm thinkin' we might, be better off
Just rollin' up and rollin' out
Windows up, let's smoke it out
This how it feels when you rollin' in the fast lane
Gotta keep up, Ima show you how.

Will Brennan [Verse 2:]:

Speakers loud as fuck
We be even louder
She say she seeing sounds
That's that Molly powder
Og Purple with the Diesel
Call it Sweet-n-Sour
I fucked her 60 minutes straight
Call that a happy-hour
Crazy nights
Hotel lookin' like a ladies night
She invited all of her s*** friends
And all my dawgs gonna play it right
It's more good times with these bad girls
And that's a recipe for this crazy life.
Everybody wanna live the rapper dream
Don't nobody really wanna pay the price.
I did plenty shows
Like 50 shows just last year
I've been making moves
Thought about the nights I was hatin' work
Thought about the days I was hatin' school.
Had to figure out what it takes to prove
That I'm the motherfuckin' Illest
So, when I got a couple beats
And I took 'em on stage
And I showed these wak niggas how to motherfuckin' kill it.
R.I.P. To the track
Can you feel it?
Light my weed while I talk my shit
With this like Ima diss your girl
With the hope that she might take you off my dick
With my luck, that wont work
For some reason girls seem to love that shit.
When you the best it's natural to act like an asshole.
Wait 'til a nigga gets rich, bitch!

Will Brennan (speaking):

Gitt, what up man?
They bout to feel me!
Palm Beach, 5-6-1
Will Brennan
What up Courtesy?
Yeah, yeah, yeah
We all the way live, man
Keep that glass up for a nigga
Let's go, you hear me?
And we rollin' another blunt, man
Sign out
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