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Forgive Me Lyrics

Will Brennan – Forgive Me Lyrics

[Prod. By Stroud]

Yeah, yeah
Pray you keep me in it... (x3)

[Verse I]:
They said I switch it up too much,
I need to pick a lane.
Haven't since a jit,
Different style for every season change.
Tried a lot of shit
Still ain't settle on a single thing.
Ask my girls, never was a fan of the commitment game.
I come from a place where ever other nigga feel the same.
Bitches too.
And that's just the truth
And that won't never change.
Shout out to my Bra-in-Law
For goin' get that wedding ring
Held my sister down
Save for that, I'll always love ya mayne.
Told me something real
Now I'm learning, cause I seen it close
Someone they can love is what a lot of niggas need the most.
It's a cold world
Life made 'em keep that heater close.
Yo, my homie's still above the ground,
But he got three bellow.
Way too many Demons,
Asking God where all the Angels at?
Just lost the only one she'll ever love,
Just wanna bring her back.
Heard a million stories about people slippin' off the tracks
I'm just tryin' make it to the end with all my shit intact.

Father please forgive me for the sins that I've commited
It's a crazy world we live in,
But I pray you keep me in it.
I'm just tryin' to make the most
Out of the life that I've been given.
Glad I made it to the morning,
Cause a lot of niggas didn't.

[Verse ii]:
Brown liquor sippin'
Brown swisher twistin'
Brown skinned pretty chicks,
I got this mal-addiction.
Messin' with these girls
They be messin' with the drug.
Hit her with the hard dick
But it make her fall in love.
Higher every time I hit,
Fiend-ing when she call me up.
Molly touched her tongue and hit her system
Now she 'wanna fuck'
I'm in the same 'ol prescription of prediction baby
You know how the game goes:
Same tricks, same hoes. Whoa
I'm just a young nigga livin' in these crazy times.
Wake up in the morning, smoking
Just to keep my state of mind.
Stead, I be ready
Never know which day in this life of mine.
Every minute is a precious time.
Yeah, tomorrow ain't promised homie
Play it smart.
Don't be steppin' outta line,
Gotta play your part.
Yeah, I play the game how the game goes.
Don't be a lame, play the game how the game goes.

[Refrain x2]

[Fade out]
Crazy world we live in (x4)
Pray you keep me in it (x2)
Crazy world we live in,
But I pray you keep me in it.
I'm just tryin' to make the most,
Tryin' make the most.
Life that I've been given,
I'm just tryin' to make the most,
Tryin' make the most.
Father please forgive me
Father please forgive me.

[Refrain x2]

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