Rape and murder, accidents.
S** and violence, prejudice.
War deploying idiots
Telling lies with confidence.
Politicians, terrorists,
Power hungry governments.
Blame it on the president
Nuclear weapons still exist.

Hungry kids, no medicine,
But crack, cocaine and heroin.
High speed chases on again
To scare and entertain your brain.
Ignore the homeless, blame the poor
All because you got yours.
No understanding in the end,
Vicious cycle over again.

Mayhem and murder.
Mayhem and murder.
Mayhem and murder.

The media, the shopping malls,
Consuming victims, one and all,
Picking targets, exploiting them,
This is called American.
Ignorant society
Has had it's dose (of) reality.
Fading glory I can see,
Will have us questioning authority.

Mayhem and murder.
Mayhem and murder.
Mayhem and murder.
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Mayhem And Murder Lyrics

Voodoo Glow Skulls – Mayhem And Murder Lyrics

Songwriters: Edgardo G Casillas, Francisco Casillas, Jerry William O'Neill, Jorge Arturo Casillas
Mayhem And Murder lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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