Welcome to the rat traps
And to my neighborhood
Everybody's struggling
And misunderstood

The dope man and the hookers
And the poor Hispanic family
Have all been praying
Dying in this reality

This is how we live
This is where we live

My friend he used to live there
Until the age of seventeen
Raised with love and honor
Single parent family

Painting a pretty picture
Of the neighborhood
Broken kids existance
Is what i understood

This is how we live
This is where we live
This is how i live
This is where i live
Rat traps!
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The Rat Traps Lyrics

Voodoo Glow Skulls – The Rat Traps Lyrics

Songwriters: Edgardo G Casillas, Francisco Casillas, Jerry William O'Neill, Jorge Arturo Casillas
The Rat Traps lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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