Agony has consumed the last of me
No way out but to stare into the end of a barrel
As I squeeze the trigger millions of voices are calling me
I accept their invitation to the kingdom of death

As my body dies... I slowly slip away
My life's final dusk... Turns into night
As my departure is imminent
As my departure is imminent

Feelings of relief turn into horror when I realize the truth
The voices of those before me cry out their pain, a million agonizing screams
In this neverland of death, we shall forever suffer
Imprisoned, never to escape

I feel myself beeing pulled into a bottomless pit
While a wretched apparition tears at me
As we are coalesced into one my journey begins
A predator of death, harvesting the souls of the damned

Destined to wander this wasteland of death
As a scavenger of the dead
Feeding on those who have died
Our pain is eternal, our epithet is agony

Forever Suffer
Wandering in eternity
Forever Suffer
Dead but awake
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Forever Suffer Lyrics

Volturyon – Forever Suffer Lyrics

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