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Blood Cure Lyrics

Volturyon – Blood Cure Lyrics

Old man, his weakened body nearly expired
Skin deteriorating, cells mutating he can feel
His own mind slip
Memories of a glorious past haunt him

Poisoned by his fear of dying
The old man trips

Young girls tied to tables the old man prepares to harvest
The lifegiving elixir flowing through their veins
Screams echo through the night
As he begins his gruesome task

To slit the throats of his victims
To collect their rejuvenating crimson fluid

Their bodies are hung upsidedown from meathooks
The screams fade as their bodies twitch
Blood starts to flow

Submerged into a tub
Embraced by the red liquid
The old man shivers
His blood cure complete

Decapitated corpses of the young dangling from the ceiling
Sacrificed for his old flesh
Once among the living, now empty vessels
Their spirits will forever linger
Earthbound, condemned

Old man his body's still weak, fresh elixir
Another bloodcure
His new sacrificial lambs stripped and ready for slaughter
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