V1) I never saw you looking back
When you were still asleep and dreaming dreams
That separate us from between our own realities
And time could never stand the test of time
You were a Goddess with the wings an angel left behind tonight.

Ch) Don't wait
To say goodbye to those you'll leave behind
While heaven smiles at us from a place where angels never cry and
Don't say
I'll see you when tomorrow comes
Tomorrow's just a promise (and promises are broken - everyday).

V2) Tonight let's find the time
To say goodbye
And kiss away your tears from
Two nights ago when I was screaming things
Of how you oughta be
And though you said you'd find a place to hide
And never speak to me
Then I'd be broken on the inside
You'd never know how much I loved you.

Br) Don't wait too long
And watch the sun go down
We're all too proud, to say out loud
Don't leave me know
Cause there ain't nothing we can't fix today
Forgive ourselves for yesterday...
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Tomorrow’s Just A Promise Lyrics

VOiD808 – Tomorrow’s Just A Promise Lyrics