V1) I think that I can still remember
Being lost tonight
But I don't think I'm strong enough to fight.
I never saw you in a white dress
We never danced to our favorite song
I never thought that things would be this way.

Ch) It used to be that I would always believe in the things that made our world a little stronger
It used to be that we would always agree to hold each other just a little bit longer
If everything was just the way it should be, then I know, that I could be a fighter
You're the reason I believed in myself
Now I tell myself, "Don't let go..."

V2) Now I think I can remember
The way we felt tonight
When everything was just so long ago.
Now all I see is every moment
That we could've put our pride aside
And I swear it was so long ago.

Br) I want to know...
If you sang along with every song I sang
As it was your own
As it was your own
Tonight... Tonight
And wished that things would be the same.
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The Way It Should Be Lyrics

VOiD808 – The Way It Should Be Lyrics