(M. Beecroft, J. Collins, G. Coulson, J. Heslip, P. Luciano D. Pickell)
It's just my luck
She's got someone else in mind
It's just my luck
It happens all the time
Does it really have to be this way for me?
Hell Yeah! 'Cause it's just my luck
I was dancin' to my favourite song
When I saw her lookin' at me
She was hot, she was fine
Nearly blew my mind
When she said "come dance with me"
After the song was over
I walked her to the bar
I wanted to lean in and kiss her
But then she said "I'd like to introduce you to my boyfriend"
I was walkin' down the street one day
When two girls were smiling at me
They were hot, they were fine
I thought two at a time
What a perfect fantasy
Just as I offered my number
They turned and laughed at me
Then they walk away hand in hand
Kissin' each other passionately
I thought I met the girl of my dreams
The perfect picture from a magazine
She was hot, she was fine
Didn't waste any time
When she said "you're place or mine?"
I'm thinking my problem is over
She's turning the lights down low
Just when things were starting to go my way
All night long she kept calling someone else's name
"Oh Rico!"
"Ah damn!"
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It's Just My Luck Lyrics

Voices In Public – It's Just My Luck Lyrics