(J. Collins, O. Isaacs, P. Luciano)
You know, there comes a time in every relationship
When things may not seem right
Just remember, and let'em know
You care
I try to call you on the phone
Just had to hear your voice
But you're not at home
I don't like this silly game
I wish you'd talk to me
I'd like to set the story straight
You don't know how much I care
You don't know just how I feel
Don't you know what you mean to me?
What more do I have to do?
I'd walk through fires of hell for you
Just to let you know I care for you
I care, I care for you
I care for you
You keep talkin' about the past
But that's where it belongs why can't we just let it pass
She doesn't mean a thing to me
And it's not the way the story goes
Why won't you believe?
You know that sometimes tells me
That you know the truth
And something's telling me
This is just an excuse
To walk away and have you way
Does it satisfy you?
'Cause I bet you know deep down inside
How much I care for you
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How Much I Care Lyrics

Voices In Public – How Much I Care Lyrics