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Fenestra Lyrics

Voices From The Fuselage – Fenestra Lyrics

From a distant land it summons me
An unknown alien entity
A glimpse of a new and solemn peace
I will proceed

Let’s bring these worlds together
I crept through the window of your mind
I’ll guide you to the other side beyond your own
A wonderment of such a sight - I will bestow
I try with great endeavour
Piercing through to the rationale to find
A fantasy, a fairytale: a dream-come-true
A fall of grace, a lack of faith: hollow pursuits

I pray that we make it out okay
It feels like this is power play
Your words don’t convince me otherwise
And neither does the look in your eyes
I can’t hold on to another shell
Of something that we call our former selves
I put what is left of my faith in you
And follow you into another hell

Watch me drift alone

I don’t wanna be here any longer than I need to
I hold you at a distance in the fear that you won’t let me leave you

I’m gonna jump through the window

Watch me drift alone
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