Dangerous lyricist, indigenous accent
My raps meant ya down fall
I surround y'all that sound small
In comparison to the magnimous, analyst
Paranormal panelist be plannin' this non-stop
Mass mutilation when bombs drop
The coppers stop the onslaught, not by a longshot
My razor blade, kicks the raps like ace of spades
Raise the flav' slay brigades
And while you place your raids
I space invade the pagan's age
Stealin' your belongings
Throw you off the rooftops
And bounce you off the awnings
Orion's belt, shameless Ryan supplyin' giant wealth
Now try and help the situation
My science spell decapitation
That's how I break ya concentration
Through a brain abrasion
All around my protocol's devoted to demotin' y'all
I noticed on ya promo
You ain't seein' Esoteric Lif or Virtuoso
Off the head or written, freestyle or premeditated
Any way you put it sucka duck you gettin' devastated
By the constellation, rotatin' space station
That's fully operational and capable of facin' you
*scratching* "Mr. Lif"
[Mr. Lif]
Freed from the days when they had me workin' the fields
Throw up the shields block out all the negativity
Tryna stop the force my mind yields
Start harmin' em with a homonym
Damage him with an antonym and a hymn
For niggaz that's religious and vicious
When I was younger one of my wishes was to be an emcee
So I increase my calibre, on to be a veteran from amateur
Focus on my rhymes my grammar blur
Fuck up ya eyeball, deep penetratin' lyrics to get inside all
Who don't fully understand my shit that's worldwide y'all
I drop bombs in Canada, then quadruple the parameter
Incredibly large dia
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Orion's Belt (Feat. Esoteric & Mr. Lif) Lyrics

Virtuoso – Orion's Belt (Feat. Esoteric & Mr. Lif) Lyrics