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Man Of The Hour Lyrics

Virtuoso – Man Of The Hour Lyrics

I've noticed those in power have no alterior motive
than to kill the inferior with corrosive chemicals
the virtuos locust internally tearing ya with explosives
whole infirmaries scared of ya cause your throatless
my inerno be searing ya till it's hopeless
I'll incinerate you in my crematory
innovator what I breathe is gory, disinegrate ya no need for stories
for the police, my flow heat leave no evidence
no sediment I burn books, there's no testament
to the savage thing, that the battle king
does when I stab and swing, slice jupiter, slash saturns rings
splinter venus, then leave the man in the moon
wounded in operating rooms being fed by intravenus
seen as off the radar, my dark laser
will drop eight stars, and chop holes through quasars
a powerhouse, brute force like rouge elephants
runaway rhinocerous, cut out they asophagus
ask most I'm half ghost the last rebel
smash metal like cinderblocks tied to gas pedals
sjull spit a full clip chest left holy like a pulpit
head and neck snapped like a bullwhip
mind is an elaborate, hazardous labyrinth
filled with ravenous, savages the flow hazarous
like rapids with white water to fights slaughter
I might order executions, slice quarters with mic cords for retribution
I"ll leave your life torn in destitution
we need a resolution, your death is the best solution
my evolution break down your institutional practice
fascists want my name on the blacklist
earths axis, cracked with so much force
when I was born it was torn from the back of Atlas
I smash this track with mjolner
born chief viking soldier, zero Celsius blood, life is colder
like a polar cap in nova scotia
souls are at rest, as you digest a whole gallon of amonia
born stoner mom's smoked lie at my birth
fell from heaven and was raised as a child of the earth
reverse the first curse of the final conflict
go beyond which famous landmarks osam hit
kids armed with glocks, conference talks lead to concerts
of nuclear weapons for years to this fate we've been destined
food for thought too hot for ingestion
spit wrecking every intestine in your mid-section
blaze and scathe your place of residence
no trace of evidence
steal a briefcase from the president
lace residents, of every race with letters sent
revealing plots and plans of which every man should be hesitant
angel of doom, carve his name in the moon
stop his wife from reproducing when I mangle her womb
let the anger consume, my mind hang your platoon
for sport I leave your corpse laying strangled in tombs
I'm burying neandrethal man, stab up a mastodon
ask saddam who blast the bombs, they run this like decathalons
the masters calm like Gandhi but they got me
cocky, want to see Virt convert to a nazi?
pay the holocaust, it's too late to call it off
I throw flows that burn foes like molotov
I burst on the scene, my words are machines
to murder your team, you want dope? I'm serving the fiends
with blood curdling screams, as your team stretch on the rack
chest has been cracked, no cartilage is left in your back
I'm letting you rap, don't take the fact for granted
it's like my biggest fan is trying ta manage a plan which will do me damage
your man's fam is, laid bare like damn pandas
if they can't stand us, I make they back slam canvas
crush! original bum rush ya' lose
we hard granite, the fucking best on the planet
shine for light years, steaming hot like the amazon
in your nightmares but disappear when the cameras on
a vampire, there's no captured image
raps smash your gimmicks till that ass is finished
boxing with walkmans slap dats
contact fists with compact discs while vinyl scratches like a bitch
violent sprays, leave my opponents in states of silent praise
trapped inside the tyrants maze, fire will fry ya' in my iron cage
my violent lions have been enraged
by violins and sirens that thunder from center stage
slicing throats, every full moon like a lycanthrope
life is cloaked in darkness, watch us knife the pope
or any other faggot catholic bastard
caught raping children kill them and gas the casket
and throw a match lit, till it burns to ashes
and place the remains in a urn and smash it
I'm the massive, volcanic eruption that happens
when comets are thrusting through the earths crust in-
to its core for internal combustion
imagine if you heard a discussion, between Stephen Hawking
and Aristotle talking, while comparing models of the universe
that's what it's like to follow when I use a verse
the insight in my mind, is the height of design
my rhymes Frank Lloyd Wright in his prime
so light up a dime
and put it high in the sky, till it looks like the air is filled with fire-flies
I, spark cheebas in the dark fiendish
bury your crew under the ocean so only the sharks seen us
my heartbeat is, in perfect synchronicity
with whatever machine is circulating electricity
skill breach ethnicity, will beat ya' physically
till ya' see god, that's a religious epiphany
so it's no mystery, why we flow so sadistically
pain twisted me, inside the rain of it's misery
linguistically my, cancerous shower
cause a transfer of power, I'm the man of the hour
how I keep time make clocks stop to watch
leave time a verse behind everytime I rock the spot
I'm the curse, two dead lee like Brandon and Bruce
MC's kick a verse, then I hand them a noose
cause either way, once you run out of breath, it's certain death
believe what I say, what my lungs hold will burst your chest
if knowledge is power then I'm the mental dictator
my pen will rip major arteries, who want to part of me?!
hail to the great, I hammer nails in your face
barbarian ape, I make the sound barrier break
carry my tape my voice travel on nuclear transportation
any rapper riding my style becomes a chronic cancer patient
my corrugated sabre blade is sharp as razors
all invaders of my dark chambers hearts are in danger
I throw a coat hanger down your throat hang you heartless
stiff as starch is, in a state of catharisis
fiberglass frames cry plastic mucus splinters
as your crimson blood spills in the massachusetts winter
throwing your staff in glowing baths of petroleum gas
photos I flash blow you in half and now your smoldering ash
the essence of eloquence, I'm dominant, no resistance for a pittance
I'll stop your portion of our co-existence
I strike the paltry, the holy taliban and papacy
your ballsy, my blade leave you spade for trying to rap with me
slash vas deferens in half past impotence
cowards are incompetent my powers are Omnipotent!
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