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What U Thinkin' About? Lyrics

Violent J – What U Thinkin' About? Lyrics

I'm just happy we alive in this bitch

Where the fuck we at now?

A big ass yellow, and green,
And purple, and faggot ass pink mushroom field

Well fuck it, let's go

Let's eat some of these bitches

Man I never did before, but since we in Oz and all

That's what I'm saying

Well let's at least walk while we eat, come on

[Chorus: x2]
Thoughts fly away in the mushroom field
Randomly telling what's revealed
Filling my pockets cause they worth a meal
And the kingdom's over them hills

Let me go ahead and eat a few of these things
See if I can't hang
What you thinkin' about?

Cigarettes, menthol only
To grow old with my kids and homies
All the years on that pole so lonely
And all them crows shittin' on me
What you thinkin' about?

Makin' payments on the Batmobile
With the phat sound system and 32 inch wheels
Everybody on the yellow brick jocking
Well I'm just snapping real slow
What you thinkin' about?

Nate The Mack, my homie from way back
Everybody got a homie like that
In fact, I hope he okay
I hope his momma doing good
(You should call him)
Maybe I should
What you thinkin' about?

Sittin' on triple gold daytons
Sun shining on 'em and they sparkle up the pavement
People wanna catch a glimpse and show respect
Now I'm the king
Ruler over everything
What you thinkin' about?

A fine bitch and some weed to smoke
I gotta have a little bit of puss to poke
(You ain't no joke)
A fat bag of dro and a hoe
And that's all you really need to know
What you thinking about?

They come in all shapes and sizes
Each bitch with they own surprises
And if they only had on they back when hitting doggy
You can suck on that
What you thinking about?

Shit, finishing off my Megos set
And making that small dream an accomplishment
So I can find a new hobby like collecting skin
Never removed from the package all mint
What you thinkin' about?

That's what I'm thinking about
They clothes so tight
Ass and titties lookin' so right
Stacks of cash and all kinds of tropical hash
And hittin' blunts till my last
Now what you thinkin' about?

Blaze Ya Dead Homie
(Who ya dead who?)
Who ya dead who?
Where I'm from that's cool
Anyway, I'm just wondering when it's Colton shit droppin'?
I'm tryin' to get my gold six hoping
What you thinking about?

Whatchin' my favorite wrestling pay-per-views
On a 100 foot screen
Televison tube
With the fast forward button
I can fly past the jobbers while eating pizza getting fat
What you thinking about?

Wizard, I really hope he's there
And he can help J get the fuck outta here
(I hear what you're saying crow, Tin what you think?)
(Man he better have some drinks)
What you thinkin' about?

What I'm thinkin' about, going home
And it's down this path we roam
Come on

[Chorus: x4]

There it is y'all
We made it
You ready to go in?

First tell us, why do you wanna go home anyway?

Yeah, why don't you just stay with us
In this fantasy ass fantasy land?
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