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The Wizard's Palace Lyrics

Violent J – The Wizard's Palace Lyrics

[Violent J]
There it is y'all,
Take a look at that palace, hey, fountains of alizay
It be amazing, devastating,
Out of control, wizard logo, on a gold flag pole
Let's roll, front door, ring the bells we here,
Free beer, weed air
I'm so glad to be there,
We could tell they be smoking on something sonic
I smelled it in the hallways, I'm always on it,
Asked the guard what that shit is

[Anybody Killa]
"It's his herb the Wizard"

[Violent J]
What he don't share like a big nerd?
He was like

[Anybody Killa]
"Fools get they gizzards chopped
When asking around about the Wizard's crop"

[Violent J]
Then I thought, what you thinking?
Was that ABK?

[Anybody Killa]
"Just stick to the hallway, ok, go away"

[Violent J]
At the Wizard's gates we all knocked
And we walked all in
Let the party begin, balling

[The Wizard]
Who dare come here to meet the big W?
You're crazy, your boys are in trouble too
I be the one like Big Daddy Wizard Kingpin
Tell me what the
Fuck you thinking?
I blink and I set your, faces on fire
Damnit, must be a faulty wire
Well fuck, my voice thing run out again
But you're still in terrible danger my friend

[Violent J]
Tin Man ran and dismanned the curtain
It was just some fool in a Fuck Off shirt
And it was salt in the game, we maintained the same

[The Wizard]
Hi, Shaggy, Stretch Nuts be the real name,
Or the Wizard if you want
But it's all a front
I been here 9 years, 8 days, and a month
So I started this hussle, now it's getting me paid
I got to admit I get laid with my own parade
But a player like me knows what you want
A player like me holds the magic blunt
The magic blunt?

[The Wizard]
The magic blunt
I been saving it up, what, what
All for a you fools are getting what you want
Cause a player like me holds the magic blunt
The magic blunt?

[The Wizard]
The magic blunt
I'm lighting it up, now what, what
Mr. Lion "Yeah",
You indeed of a hoe then blow, "What up dawg?"
She's yours, or any other bitch you step to,
Don't let no rep go and intercept you
Tin Man, it's your turn to hit the ganj
"Nothing I don't understand"
Your wish is for iron when you made out of steel
But you already the hardest for real
Scarecrow, my man, hit the dro
"Some homies 2 smoke with me?"
I know
"I'm puffing but I ain't seeing nothing"
What about the homies that's with ya,
You saying they frontin?
"But I love Tin Tizzy, The Lion, and J though"
And they down with you for life, too
And Violent J
Now it's your turn to burn
Just hit that shit and the page we turn [Repeat: x5]

[Violent J]
And that was it
Next thing I knew I woke up in my very own bed
And that's, that's how it exactly how it went down
Hope you liked it
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