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Feign Submission (Interlude) Lyrics

Vinnie Paz – Feign Submission (Interlude) Lyrics

Any time I pull the hammer out, it's usually Glock
It's usually cocked, it's usually for shooting at cops
I'd like to say I'm sober, but I'm usually not
Usually at the bar with bitches, they salute me a lot
And they like to argue whether they a groupie or not
Tell me that they intellectual and school me a lot
Listen bitch, I ain't sayin' if you stupid or not
You just barkin' up the wrong tree, move it or stop

I was reading Nabokov, while you was groovin' to pop
I was selling nickel bags and was a student of Pac
I was watching Kubrick movies, I was shootin' a lot
Had to lie to my mama, wasn't truthful a lot
You was stupid, thought a Bud deuce-deuce was a lot
And I never thought a whole bottle of Goose was a lot
You decide if I'm drunk or that I'm lucid or not
I just know that I'm smarter than you, and the proof in the pot?)
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