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Limb From Limb Lyrics

Vinnie Paz – Limb From Limb Lyrics

I'm verbally generous, every word it be effortless
Specialist when penning this, I'm just playing all the percentages
Staying raw with the menaces, play the part of a chemisist
Mixing deadly words and making 'em venomous, remember this
Wasn't raised with the etiquette since the days of a Genesis
Now I benefit, 'cause the game is back and it's Genesis
I'm reacting like Emmitt Smith, fourth quarter
Two minutes left and this here is a tall order
It's more slaughter, farewells and "Our Fathers"
Say a prayer, the day is here that you walked water
From your corner they talk Sodom, but no Gomorrah
So who's sane to think that our people is more poorer?
A more father, niggas running from court orders
I'm used to niggas with tall golds that fall shorter

Every time I see you, you be where the narcs park
Spray his fucking wheel like Con Art, that's always the hard part
You should stay quiet when the God bark
Every gun I carry, nose bigger than an aardvark
The only way to get 'em is to get 'em when the car start
With the combination of skill and cunning of card sharks
Vinnie let them dogs bark, then you see a large spark
I'm a fucking lion, I suffer from an enlarged heart
Put 'em where it's all dark, vomit and piss
And I only fuck with noodles if he promise me chips
Cause I always gotta have like twenty-thou' on my wrist
With a bitch that exist, suck, swallow, and dip
I'm the one that you rappers call when you want raw
Have a bunch of young bols aiming at your front door
This the twelfth round and y'all are standing on sacred ground
Take the pound and teach you workers how you should break it down
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