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The Past Tense Lyrics

VCTMS – The Past Tense Lyrics

Treacherous memories just wanted to forget
Madness my emergency exit
I can close the door on all the dreadful things that happened
Until I let myself slip
And give into your sins
Bleed the thoughts in the back your head
Spinning over and over and over again
Getting over and under and under the skin

Spin spin spin

Dragged through the five stages
Now i'm sure I know what grief is
I finally reached the point of stasis
Roaming through these empty spaces

Picking apart my brain as darkness permeates
Forever stuck in retrograde
In and out of attachment
To avoid the hurt, to escape this madness

Madness my emergency exit
You can close the door on all that’s happened
I let my sanity slip away
It was the best decision I have ever made

If you don’t want the guilt and you don’t want to feel the pain
Follow me it’s easy you just do the same

I let my sanity slip away
It was the best decision I have ever made
Gloom lays over me
Gloom lays over me

Slightly sadistic i'm off the edge, the abyss, the place where you don't care anymore
Where all hope dies and your past screams
Reducing yourself down to lunacy
Gloom lays over me
Twisted trains of thought, i've internalized this pain for so long
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