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Subdued Lyrics

VCTMS – Subdued Lyrics

The last thing that went through my head
Was a bullet I carved your name in
And I didn’t get into heaven
But I thought i’d let you know I wish I never let you in
Love oh we’ll never have enough, the insubstantial feeling that sustains you like a drug
Love, yeah it’s never enough it’s the chaos that controls you, and goes off like a loaded gun

Damaged goods, but still one of a kind
Deception lies within deceit you’re poison that resides
Inside my mind, I think about it all the time
How i’m mentally destroyed, I deserved that right?

Getting use to the abuse, I can never be the same
Will you ever understand what you took away?
Love, something that I thought I could trust but I guess i’m the one that wasn’t enough

It just doesn’t make sense the people closest to you
Hurt you in ways you never thought that they would do
Someone you thought you knew, someone you put your faith into
Become nothing more than a toxic presence that filled the room

A stranger now like everyone else
That took a piece of me just for there self
Another person comfortable with wearing me out
I never gained the strength to just move on, why couldn’t I just walk out?

Settle for less, second best
Something I should of expected
Settle for less, settle for less
Salt in the wound, i’m such a mess
Settle for less, second best
Oh look who guessed it
Settle for less, one last request
Tell me you love me, then rip my heart out of my chest
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