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Death Perception Lyrics

VCTMS – Death Perception Lyrics

(feat. Cade Armstrong & John of The Last Ten Seconds Of Life)

I’ve about had it with my antics
Overdramatic, and manic i’m unbalanced
Bitter romantic and problematic
Might as well kill me while you’re at it

Defeated and hopeless
I’m sure most of you know this
Sedate me maybe then I won’t feel so empty
Regressing to cope so that I can feel something

Defeated and hopeless
Tragedy at your service
Anxiety and anger you make me nervous
Come without warning and then leave when you feel like it

Killing my mood, killed off the smile
Please why won’t you take me away for awhile
I can’t resist, this helpless bliss
Mental demons hard to dismiss
Flirting with disaster, a still born bastard I don't matter
With nothing to show, a loser, a head case, with a headspace still sinking below

Still sinking below
I’m sinking below
Sinking alone

I wanna be somebody else
Sinking below, replace me
This mess i am
I wanna be somebody else
I wanna feel something inside me

I wanna be somebody else
I wanna feel something other than guilt
Am I gone? I can’t tell
Doing all that I can to lose myself

Mental demons hard to dismiss
Troubled senses we coexist
It’s raining it’s pouring, the reaper is calling
And here I am still drowning
Needles and pins // Needles and pins
Insecurity builds, overthinking begins
Tell me when all of this ends
Dealing the devil’s hand again
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