So this is the price to pay for being into
Face first into the ground not knowing
What hit me
Never have I felt my lungs breathe air
This fresh again
I found you among these zombies
Devoid of emotion

I gave my heart to you now everything
Around me's new
Guess you'll be here in my arms tonight
And my past will be undone

Have we found heaven in the form of our
Flesh and blood
The serpent descends to taunt us
Watching our lips meet
Your eyes signify beauty magnified a
Bringing me the warmth against a world
So cold

As long as I live I vow to hold on to
All is dust and wind everytime that I'm
With you

You've given me the stars and I could
Feel them in my hands
I used to be so skeptical but now I
You are a masterpiece you are the
Epitome of art
One wish now to the heavens that well
Never be apart

(The constellations in the sky show your
Faces silhouette
I've seen you in my dreams even before
We met.)

I gave my heart to you now everything
Around me's new
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Love & Devotion Lyrics

Valley Of Chrome – Love & Devotion Lyrics