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Kiss Of Medusa Lyrics

Valley Of Chrome – Kiss Of Medusa Lyrics

Your lips they glow, they tempt me, Im overwhelmed
Your shadow it keeps me warm, your embrace is felt
Im not worthy to feel this, but Im so glad youre here
Let your lips dampen mine, let our tongues paint lust tonight.

Stay with me, Ill keep you from the biting cold
This is a love more valuable than gold
What a wonder I am caught in a spell, Im hypnotized
Your touch they freeze me from the shoulders

You bring calm to the storm in the midst of breaking down
I tend to feel your bodys warmth when you wrap me in your arms
Your soft skin feels good to touch. I never asked for much
I am blessed to taste your body, my medusa I am frozen.

I pray tonight that you will never leave me be
Say youll remain until our dying days
I have waited for so long for this moment
I have long seeked refuge from this world of torment

Before the quicksand takes us back, let me taste those lips
They alleviate me from my suffering
What has become of the two of us?
We remain as slaves to our own passion

Let your lips dampen mine, let our tongues paint lust tonight.
As these candles radiate the darkness, our bodies merge as one
Your nails they scrape my back and my soul is burning black
Your beauty is a gift a curse you nourish me you quench my thirst

Embrace the warmth of our bodies intertwined
Just lay me down, and look at me for one last time
Forever in my blackened heart shes always there
My medusa beyond compare.
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