D boy nigga, k a rod nigga
C4 litter, blast 3 or 4 niggas
Piece up in each hand, I squeeze off nigga
Be in the street fans like them breathe art nigga
Couple calls you touching the stars nigga
I'm main oh, I'm I'll that hustle the hard nigga
Nigga, you're on it, I'm a motherfucker
I'm in that frisker like karma is a motherfucker
Burn the swisher, had me calmer than a motherfucker
When you rich is more drama than a motherfucker
Fucka, same old bitch, 2 guns blazing like I'm blazing from the biatch
Game of the remix, shout out to my ex
Try to play a nigga, had to pause, hit the reset
Came with a figure, now I'm down to a g left
But I don't see a g left, you can get your g left
3rd game, with a bird came in the paddle
Burn the field, like a linday... keep it mellow
If money talk might bring mommy a gecko
Echo, shots fired, hollowing mike meyers
Mask on, no mike, I got pliers
Had in the vice, as he screams he's not wired
No keys to start, hot wired
Get you a pound of that loud, the block choir
Took a drop, I needed this
Broke down the chef that the way I'm beating that
Light call, you light pole, where your sneakers at
Type own then he white stove, I could bring it back
Yes, I done... card games, penthouse, overlooking the poll
Courtside heat game got my foot in the bronze
Nikey hoody is shown, work the hoody is on, huh?
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Burn Lyrics

Vado – Burn Lyrics