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We Go Hard Lyrics

Vado – We Go Hard Lyrics

The hustla,
Ni-gas can't even hate, yeah I beat the case
Yeah but I still keep the heat the streets still ain't even safe
I'm tryin to eat I tryna see the cake
So I go hard like the lil broads nipples when they see my face
But you don't even date your money ain't even straight
Chicks leave my crib cross eyed not seeing straight
He gotta sit down and piss he ain't peeing straight
He a fake,
Don't think he tough just because he in shape
Don't accept the lies just cause he exercise
Don't believe he lifting weight just cause he lifting weights
Don't believe his gun'll clap just cause he running laps
He had a six pack out but he ain't pull a strap out
He may have gone to the gym but he ain't pull the traps out
See never pull the gat out never been in a clap out
I blow cash when I crap out
I'm all about blowing pith and blowing the chick back out

I ain't neva been soft ni-ga
I go hard,
Ah ha, you go hard,
Ah ha I go hard
I just beat a murder charge ni-ga, I go hard,
Ah ha, you go hard,
Ah ha I go hard
Man I'm always on my job nigga I go hard
Ah ha, you go hard,
I go hard
You don't hustle, you a star nigga
Ah ha, you go hard,
Ah hai go hard

Yo last time I checked I was the man on the block,
Raise a mans in the block, took the stand in the spot
Hand to hand with the roc, roc
Hundred grands in the pot, see six grand and ran to the top
God damn shit is hot, g shock built like an army watch
I tote guns the army got, you can't harm me ya,
I'm on the darkest blocks, hopping out the hardest drops
With the hardest roc hoody low like the artist pac
Ducking [? ] cops, hit me on the direct cell
I'll be damned to catch the direct cell
I'm like [? ] over the stove check the pyrex well
I can be nice like Cam and fly like L, harlem
10 corn rolls, [? ] polos, big star in my circle like the converse logo
Ohh, I'm usually cooking up a couple ya block be a dessert and you just be
Looking for a puddle


I'm a pisces so the wifey said I be day dreaming
I never get up and get it I'm always day dreaming
Feder rally the ni—as stay scheming
Checking Cleveland I'm here to make it a great season
Audi r8 you know me,
I'm balling when I hop in the four rings like Kobe
Put the thing like I'm cas king [? ] the homie
You can't be that real if your whole team is phoney

Homie I was recovering from an accident
And I see the industry suffering from my abstinence
Did ya'll know I go hard with the bars dog
And all ya'll rap about is the jewelery and the cars dog
Or you can teach us how to dance but that's all dog
None ya'll are rapping quotable metaphors dog
I can't even listen to rap without even getting bored dog
That's why I go hard every time I record dog

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