I open my eyes with vacuity and easy weakness
My thoughts are mess and my mind is burnt
I feel the black virus inside with strange satisfaction
And feelings like that give birth to my scorn

Silver moon shadow falls down on my tormented body
Deep blackest sorrow spreads in my head
Crystallization of sadness produces dejection
Defrauding myself I'm brought to the bad

My gloomy room presses me by the climate
Silence and cold fills my internal space
Strange wizardry feeling surrounds me and my desires
My only wish is I had left this place

I'm prisoner, I'm hostage
Of my awful dreams
My mind and my knowledge
They become against me

Abyss of despair
Now lives in my heart
With abhorrence to slayers
Who live inside us

I'm lonely, and I have no friends, have no future
And I always know my destiny will not be mine
Life can be beautifull and full of great moments
And I realize it's not my way of life

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Prisoner Lyrics

Unsilent Phenomenon – Prisoner Lyrics

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