I am the Evil master
And you should know.
Diablo is real
Don't you think so?

My ancient entreaty
Shake the air
And awful devil
Is instantly here.

Diablo it's your nightmare.
Diablo is everywhere.
Diablo takes you and me.
This is insanity.

Devil has come
Like pretty girl.
She took my proud
She made me crawl.

I see reality,
I choose my love.
She is a devil,
But who cares of staff


[Chorus 2:]
She is a horror evil,
I understand that.
Maybe I want it,
Maybe I'm not.

This is my way I choose it,
And time will tell
I'm falling down,
See you in hell.

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Lover Diablo Lyrics

Unsilent Phenomenon – Lover Diablo Lyrics

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