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Transgression Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – Transgression Lyrics

Hmm, Yeah yeah
(Uno I killed it)

If I can take time to just go back
The way
Take a picture of the world for you girl, no kodak
I love you and I just thought that you should know that
But it don't mean that [?] you know I was totin' grill
I was totin' steel
Through the words I know you feel
And I know you know how it feels to be hurt for real
I know 'cause I can see the sensitivity in them tears
Don't believe everything you see and everything you hear
And even though she see me, she don't comprehend
Do you fuck with me for real, or you playin' pretend?
I got real deal stripes like a fuckin' panda
Face cards with my niggas out that fuckin' camp
Canned all it inside my head
They handin' out that time to him
Take time to look within
I wonder when you gon' get a sober judge
'Cause he been screwin' us
Lately all these niggas move like they computerized
Yeah, program, red or blue, choose a side
Yeah I chose my own destiny, I'm feeling cool inside
And I think her name Destiny, she a cutie pie
She's a real trap bitch [?]
If I die today, tell me babe would you be surprised?
Or would you never fix the pain and get lost in your mind
And I knew niggas changin' ways and gettin' off in these lies
I'm engulfed in them, the flames is burning deep inside
I told I was hard to tame when you can't tame the beast
Money through the green dot just so the gang can feast
Yeah, money in the [?] paying court links
Yeah one fell out and one fell in the fucking streets
Yeah move discrete
Look me in my eyes and see pain, I don't weep
If they threw dirt on my name, I don't speak
If he missing the next day, I won't speak
Me, I broke off the leash
Yeah, now the new chain double C
Yeah, I know that the hatin' won't cease
I did not have me a reason
I had to make me a reason
They hated, but they hated Jesus
I'm somewhere where you need a visa
I'm booted, now I'm wearin' Yeezys
In front of the wave, it's Jesus
I'm Gucci but I fuck with Jeezy
These sisters they got on their knees
On the block, like I ain't shared these out
It's the reason I hate for you people
I ain't sorry, don't feel for you people
I was still, I would kill for my people
She a Taurus but act like a Libra
I was totin' that drip on you people
What's your name baby, I wanna know if we can kick like Fifa
No stabbin' me in my back, keep a smile on my face like Mona Lisa
I was swipin' no swiper, just take your CPE
Treat my nigga right, now he was on CNN
Yeah yeah
(Uno I killed it)
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