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So Simple Lyrics

UnoTheActivist – So Simple Lyrics

Scooby Snacks, yeah man, like
I ain't even know I was capable of doing this shit, but look
I'm doing it, you know what I mean
I guess you call this an Intro to the beat
But look I'm just poppin lil shit, you know what I mean
I'm happy now
Now let's get it alright

I'm off the top, I'm off the top, I'm off the top again
Like, he far from a pen but still he's not far from a pen, like
Ease up off the hinge, standing ovation like your knees they don't often bend it's time to cease one of your limbs
And these days they all pretend
I told my baby that we gon' always win, In this life of sin
Real recognize for the real make compromise
And these days they all lies, and these days they all ties
Still, I am on ties, Musan frog died
Usain Bolt right to the money I'm gon' haul ass
Look, I'm gon' ball past these lil niggas
It's all bad for these lil niggas
They call dad just like a lil nigga, ha, yea man
Who? I'm talkin' all cash
They want me to spaz out, 'cause I hold the cash out
Back then it was fiction, but, now I'm speaking facts now
These niggas playin they're hoe they own re-dial
Oops I mean speed-dial, shoot up the party, speed out
My nigga locked up so I guess he live through me now
I guess I plant seeds now, I guess I'm the one they wanna be now
Me, I go high just like the tree house
Ha, I go high just like the tree house, new views I get to see now
Ooh, might just speak the beat out
Ooh, I might just lead the team out
Ha, look, the victory, they draft it they give 'em me
They can't drain this energy
They won't bring religion to this hoe but we do got Sinergy
Chopper long like centipede, you came where you put your feet
And I pray for my enemy, but these stairs hold no entering
And this Tec hold a fifty piece, chopper hit him he deceased
He deceased like he was Gleesh, I'm everything they pretend to be
Saddest story, there in a week, back to the boning
She flew to me, gave 'em a loan
You got to weak, you took too long, maybe you gon' see
Ha, walk in my trap house don't make a squeak
I'm screaming out free Meek, yeah
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