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Stay (Bedroom Ver.) Lyrics

TYuS – Stay (Bedroom Ver.) Lyrics

I'll call you baby, when I'm lonely
I'll call you when you're down and out
When you're down and out

Stressed out
You should wonder how I'm living
Girl I know it's been a minute
Say we've got unfinished business
Girl I'm here for you
We been fooling around since high school
Now you coming around with new dudes
But they can't do you just like I do

No, no, no, no, no
I'm the same (x3)
Got a little fame, little change
I done changed, that's what you say
Run away (x3)
Riding with the top down cause I'm hot now

Stay, girl whenever you
Whatever, its whatever, its whatever
Its whatever
Shawty, shawty, come and lay down
Ain't got shit to say now
Give it to you when you want it
Girl I give it to you when you want it
How you want it

All the good times I remember
I ain't stuntin' girl, I miss ya
Anticipatin to get with ya
Now I'm with ya, now I'm with ya
I done gave ya anaconda
Even got a chance to meet ya momma
Ya poppa always had some drama, no, no
But I believed in you, -lieved in you, -lieved in you
No matter what they say
Lets try again, lets put our trust on the line
One more time

Don't go away, go away, go away
Listen to me, girl just stay


This time I won't let go
This time I know for sure
Never let you down no, no
Never let you down no, no, no (3x)

Never let you down, let you down


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