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Wonder Why Lyrics

Tynisha Keli – Wonder Why Lyrics

Why the pillow is cold on the other side at night

{Verse 1}
Just the other day
I was sittin' by the phone waitin' for you to call
Right then I realized
Never deserved for you to use my love and put it on pause
Never ever though I'd ever give you up but I
Gotta break the habit, boy, I've had enough
You know why this went wrong
Don't you try to play it off
I'm so gone
Only thing I need to know is why

I wonder why
You never had my back
Now you try hard to act like
You never lied
When I called you a thousand times though you ain't around
Boy, now, it's time
Gotta make that sudden change
So, I'm jumpin' in my range
Baby, you can keep the change
You can wonder why
Why the pillow is cold on the other side at night

{Verse 2}
Ooh, now that I'm on my way
I can't turn back now on the road to yesterday
I've come to far right now
I don't regret you but I'm glad I finally found my way, yeah
Now the time has passed
Boy, you can see your mistakes
Wish it didn't take for you to lose me to change
Everything is how it's s'posed to be
They say that time heals everything
We'll see
Only thing I need to know is why


{Bridge 2xs}
If you ever need a friend in the future
I'll do my best to be there
I won't hurt ya
Just leave the past where it belongs 'cause I've moved on
And I forgive you even though you did me wrong

{Chorus 2xs}
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