There's a woman under cover
She's a tasty little thing
she's a sexy little number
And she dances at a midnight show
Doesn't do it for the money
but the people who go

Why can't everyone get with it
(You know he's out to get you)
Why am I the only one to admit it
(Because you're running from the killer)

I think the devil's gotten into you

Have you seen the light tonight, tonight
Have you made your bed in the lake of fire
All I know, that the killer's out on parole

She's hiding in a white room
From Dolce and Gabbana
and a three piece suit
He tells her where the party is at
But he's a bore and she's a drag

Have you felt yourself let go, let go
When you shake your hips on the telephone
Hey tonight, tell me,
Tell me you have seen the light

Oh yes, everyone wants to go to heaven,
Nobody wants to die, no, no
But you're not safe if you stay here tonight
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The Killer Lyrics

Tyler Read – The Killer Lyrics