I don't know,
Where I,
Am supposed to go so I
Might just take my pride and go

Some people,
They know,
Know everything but I know
That they don't know my heart

'Cause I,
Oh yeah I believe in love,
And I hope I can show you what I mean,
And I don't believe love's for me, oh
So won't you come around and prove me wrong?
[End Chorus]

Won't walk the world,
Any different,
And my path won't change until you
Make a wall and make me fall and
Break me down

I don't know, no I don't know,
If I wrote this song in vain,
Vain, in vain, vain


Prove me wrong, yeah,
You don't know me, and,
I don't know you,
Tell me, what should I do?

So won't you,
Come around and prove me wrong?
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Prove Me Wrong Lyrics

Tyler Joseph – Prove Me Wrong Lyrics

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