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Your Cheshire Smile Lyrics

Tyler Burkhart – Your Cheshire Smile Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I know it isn't fair to ask
But when I left, did you look back?
Walking out into that rain
Beneath the hum of heavy planes

Would you have followed if I had said
That all the answers are in my head?
You toed the line and I stepped across
I'm recognizing what I lost

[Chorus 1]
I want you to see it through

[Verse 2]
I paid attention to the warning signs
Yeah it's raining, but the sun still shines
You've got a smile like a Cheshire cat
It's always hard to make you laugh

Do you remember in the parking lot
When we found an ounce of pot?
And then you threw it at a passing car
Just like a dream, it was bizarre

[Chorus 2]
Damage done, we're still young

[Verse 3]
Up to heaven and back again
I'm steady when I hold this pen
I came to sing you one last time
To sing my melancholy rhyme

A hymn for you to fixate on
While you're waiting for the dawn
In hopes that you remember me
And all the things I tried to be

And as it happens, I didn't know
Of all the ways that I could grow
I hope that you remember me
When the rain falls on your street
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