Take my money from my pockets,
Fill my mind with you -
You've got a body, you know how to use it.
I've gotta get to you.
Take me up
Take me over
I've got to get out of my room
I'm gonna get to you...

Hold on
Don't you double cross your dealer, oh no,
Cause I'm the only one,
To make your dreams real, I'll make it real,
I will, so take it

You strut so good to my music
Knowing all the tunes
You got everything I need
So calm and so cool...
Take me up
Take me over
No control, only a sweet taste,
I'm becoming a hopeless case.

You're something big on the scene
They all love your style
But they're just too blind to see
What's behind the smile
Take me up,
Take me over, yeah, ok
But you finish much too soon
We get each other through.
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Take It Lyrics

Tygers Of Pan Tang – Take It Lyrics