You know, I think you got the wrong impression about me
I think in old fairness, I should explain to you exactly what I do.

I ain't happy for nobody!
I ain't happy for nobody!
He brought killer, that nigga catpillar
Won't hit her, only hit bad bitches, that's thriller!
King ... Last king,
Nigga sending out shots, I'mma need the Jordan ring!
Uh, f uck you mean, this is really mean, gotta get polite,
Future looking bright, bitches crack tongue on the pipe.
I don't wanna see you twerk, we're about to fuck life
Got an Asian hoe pussy, go deep, Jerry Rice!
I'm a dope nigga, give a D, dope dealer
Don't play with the great nigga, that's rza!
Ask my bitch to tell you ain't no nigga
Like the one I got, the game gorilla.
Back in my back like a Philly nigga click
Came extending grip, armor's with the ruga, easy ruthless
Nigga with a attitude, my enemies is too shit
Don't get two s***s, but you gonna make that nigga pull it
But shit!

I'm fucking stupid!
I don't give a fuck about you, Al!
It's my business, that's what I do!

Look at my face, look at my wrist, look at my waist!
Niggas is fake! Number one reason we'll never be late!
Me, I get cake, and I don't speak for them niggas that can't
Hustle the great, sending them shop, but robbing them banks.
Fuck what you think!
I will slow that, fuck what you're saying
Niggas was playing, me I just went from a bucket to Benz
Up in the pen, where they predicted I'll be out in ten
Humble begins, but now I still sound hard, it don't make no sense.
Fly to Japan, pay me cash, convert it to yen,
Bitch, I'm the man, bitch, I'm the man!
Go get your friend, I fucked you already, can fuck you again!
Bitch, I'm the man, bitch, I'm the man!
I say it again!

I've been trying to reach you. You're tougher to get than the president.
Yeah, the least you could do is return my phone calls, though.

What up...
It's going up like a staircase, rare bape and the real one
Nowhere near fake, real estate
Paint a picture, yeah I illustrate
Young G getting paper like a dinner plate
Like I'm dealing weight, you a pillow case
Bass bang make the building shake
Uh, got my city on me like I got it tatted
Gold chain, bustin' semi automatic
My girl booty big you might wanna grab it
But if you reach for it, you ain't coming back with
Nada, keep heat like Nevada
In the summer .... Number one stunner
Got gas like an H1 hammer,
Turn a good girl to a track runner
Niggas don't wanna, call ‘em, and my check
Keep a whole lot of comas!

For instance tomorrow morning I'll get up nice and early,
Take a walk down over to the bank and…
Walk in and see and,
Uh… if you don't have my money for me,
I'll crack your fucking head wide-open in front of everybody in the bank.

Let's go!
Valet when I'm parking
Og when I spark it
Money speak when I'm talking
J-J's on when I'm walking
Stay fired up like arson
You can't touch my garments
Up late nights pass Carson
Drinking large proportions
Of that turn up, juice, got your girlfriend, loose
Shaken' that ass, listening to Luke
Give a nigga all hole no loops,
Give a nigga all brain no lip,
I be at the ball hanging no grip,
Pants sagging on four fifth
My security bullets like four inches.
Kick that shit like four ninjas
Did that shit for my niggas who
Made it out the hood to the good side
B-bossing up with no tie
You heard it through the ...
And I was actually there
Yeah, it's clear who's been getting to the bread like ...

I'll be there in the morning, you can fucking try me, fatso!.
You fucking try me!
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Pesci Lyrics

Tyga – Pesci Lyrics