W-w-w-well Done

Uh, I ain't never been cheap.
I spend it all.
Never made varsity,
But I fuckin' ball.
Fourteen, fuck school, I'm a rapper, dawg.
Snap back, boy, take that fuckin' 50, dawg.
Fall to their knees, plead for their right to breathe.
Lord, please devour all my enemies
That was Pac talkin', bitch, now back up off me.
I'm that yellow gold *baller*.
Walk the water, if I could,
Bitch I think I'm Moses.
Tell her shut the fuck up with all that comotion.
I'm countin' money get enough get a promotion.
I'm sizzlin' up, hotter than a bowl of mama's pourage.
Whole body covered in green like dinosaurous.
Gimme neck, baby, bend all your spinal cords.
Uh-uh move her ass, goofus, goofus.
Tryna blend in like a motherfucker smokin', smokin'
Take a seat, you fuckin' up the movie.
I'm on the couch standin' why you starin' at the movement?
Young Money, bitch, I do this.
Pain in my mind, both sides, one lie, two crimes, other side, don't fire.
Days like a dream I ain't movin', bitch we groovin'

Switch blade where my boot is.
All that sweet talk leave a nigga toothless.
Now you goofy.
I'm a asshole. Where my car, doofus?
Mikey rock Chucks like The Cool Kids, bitch.
They're so dangerous, haters envy me 'cause they angry.
So you want that beef? Then a bitch, well I'm arrangin' it.
More famous than these no name niggas that you hangin' with.
All my homies all like the cable
Say sicko, watch tv, Tyga pyscho
Don't play Tygo. Fifty tykes and I'll bite you.
No license, still drive it. You still lease it now I buy it.
Heart, cash, blood, diamonds.
Niggas violent, baby's cryin'
Mr. Nice Guy, come sell the product.
I'm a nice guy, but I never went to college.
Haha, can't live long in imagination.
Don't compare me to no basic, bitch, I'm better, stop debatin'

W-w-w-well Done.
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Hard In Da Paint Lyrics

Tyga – Hard In Da Paint Lyrics