Well now Crow Jane don't make no sense to me
Left me hangin' from the poplar tree
No I've never ever felt so free
Look here mama what you're doing to me
Cause it ain't no difference which way I smile
I ain't good lookin' from a quarter mile
Once had a woman - called me "angel child"
A reputation keeps me on track.

But who's gonna save me from myself
Gotta lay the blame on someone else
Somehow I ain't got no hope
Cause I'm still running from the sheriff's rope
My shoes don't fit me cause they filled with dope
Crow Jane quit me and I just can't cope
All I know is that I'll still run
And pledge allegiance to the settin' sun
I must of lost cause Crow Jane won
I'll never learn from anything I've done

Crow Jane's the strangest that ever talked
Lips of honey but her tongues of chalk
Feet may be crooked but they sure could walk
She took my money, left me in shock
Got so many matches that it makes me sick
So many habits that I just can't kick
So many women that I just can't trick
She burned me like a candle stick


Well Crow Jane ain't nothin but a painful case
She left me suckin' on my own disgrace
She's off truckin at a cheatin pace
And lawless life is all I can embrace
Dressed like a preacher so I can't be found
Chase Crow Jane from town to town
I smell the rain so she must be around
Just like my pain - the sun goes down

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Crow Jane Lyrics

Two Gallants – Crow Jane Lyrics