Got me a rhythm bass man first haunted place I've ever stayed in all night
Up to this point was just chicken feed this the real deal
Welcome to the big leagues thrill seeker with a video cam in hand
I'll be damned if miss a shot of the century on the count
If I was up there with video photography so I would be a little bit dumb
If I didn't come state of the arched for the hunt there's a curse
Whoever signs a full name will never be aloud to return from where they came
So to prove it all wrong I jotted mine down fast put my middle initial between my first and my last
So my curse so I now signing it like an autograph even let it know I put my tops down
Who am I to believe that she is real as the camera rolls and records what I feel.

this is where my problems begin, after just one night at the Krossroads Inn
Cause you can't check out after you check in after just one night at the Krossroads Inn.
I've got to live it up even know the deads around I've got to live it up
Screamin' falling out of the ground I got to live I up even know the ghosts are scared
I've got to live it up Twiztids been around in the inn.

Up the stairs.
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Krossroads Inn Lyrics

Twiztid – Krossroads Inn Lyrics