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Penthouse Suite Lyrics

Twista – Penthouse Suite Lyrics

Legit Ballin, Mecca Soul, Toxic, Twista come on

Would you mind if I take your thongs off with my teeth
In the middle of the sheets I'm a freak with some whipped cream and a peach
Would you mind if I snatched you straight up out the club to the dubs
Running dubs to the tubs, to the bedroom, to the couch, to the rug
Now would you mind if I beat it up on a sink in the kitchen
Or watch the flash screen on the wall flicking high definition
Now would you, mind not the chicken alfredo and champagne
If I go back to spanking that thang why you give me good brain, c'mon

[Mecca Soul]
It's two A. M., just left the bar
Pull up to the front valet my car
Roll up an ounce on my platinum car
C-note, the bell I'm superstar
Who serve this champagne and cham'
31 floors let me get that hip
Six inch heels, s*** thong
Gucci dressed, now take that off

Would you mind, mind, it's the penthouse suite
Room full of fiends that thug at parties
Would you mind, mind, get on the tour bus
She ain't with you she leaving with us
Would you mind, mind, it's going down
Take your girl and then turn her out
And the night is mine, the panties strapped
The remix hot, and it don't stop

[Mecca Soul]
Look at you shorty do your thing
Look at you on the T. V. Screen
Look at you shorty you's a freak
Look at you on top of me
In and out, and up and down
Soft and rough around and round
Jacuzzi, pat-i-o
Shower, bed, want floor


(bridge - 2x)
Dance to the cha-cha for me ma-ma
Shake it make it drop drop for your pa-pa
Twist your hips and your na-na, get hot
Bounce, them ta-ta's, don't stop

Open the door come in, Toxic these whore again
From the penthouse to the spas been in
She said pour me some gin and where the weed at
But all you gone get is a fin and catch a cab when I get a ski back
Now see that, you trying to sip the whole bottle
But gin ain't the only thing you and your friend gone swallow
You ain't no model so how you gone trip
No ass, how you gone sit, shit I'm bout to dip

[Mecca Soul]
The party's over, we at the penthouse
Eighteen and older, come to the penthouse
Man thug gone show out, reefer gone flow out
Get drunk and roll out, get some get throwed out
Down here, in low-low's, come to the penthouse
You and your grown folks, we in the penthouse
To all my groupies, with big old booties
We making movies, in the penthouse suite

Na na na na na na na - 8x

(*ad libs*)
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