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Legit Ballaz Theme (Separation) Lyrics

Twista – Legit Ballaz Theme (Separation) Lyrics

Yeah we back motherfuckers
The Legit Ballin family, see listen here playa
We own this motherfucking city, naw naw
Matter fact, matter fact, the world is ours
This the takeover, and who's the motherfucking don
Twista, that's who, you unappreciative sonmybitches
Respect that, respect that, matter fact
This album is about respect, honor, fuck a beat and a rap nigga
This a motherfucking movie, and if you trying to stop it
You gone have to load, aim and c*** it for real
But we too hard and deep to kill, so go ahead
Join hands you hoe ass sonmybitches, we can't be stopped
Legit Ballaz is coming

[Turtle Banxx]
Faggots, smelling at me looking happy, don't make me
Take your sweet sixteen and turn the ants into a sugar daddy
You need a quilt to carry like I need a bitch to marry
I pilt on, live off your ants to the cemetery
Busting my thang, and I ain't able, right at your chest
Where your chain dangle, see what the game bring you
A desert eagle thrashing, ski masking
Duck tape, a tuxedo and casket, I studied the bastard
Know where he eats, s***s, sleeps shit, how you think
He stay low key cause he fucked with that? Arlese? Bitch
But about these ships squeeze clips until they empty
Continue to act up, I clack up my back up city
My folks'll make you high stealth like ivy camoes
I only fuck with top show hoes, that wave on gold
And full of the rooms getting head in the rooms
Kicked em out and kicked it off with my folks?

[Chorus: Twista]
We about dissing you bitches, we about busting you hoes
We about serving you haters like we was serving the golds
Y'all can't fuck with these Ballaz, y'all can't hang with my city
Plus there's too many bitch niggas out there claiming my city
We about dissing you bitches, we about busting you hoes
We about serving you haters like we was serving the golds
Shout it out when you wanna bring it, don't be running when we come gunning
Y'all niggas on the laim when you peeping Legit Ballaz is coming

[High Beam]
When you see me in the streets, I'm about the dough
When you see me on the mic, I'm about to flow
When they see you in that fox you about to go
Beam keep shit hot 'case y'all don't know
When you argue with your bitch she stay punking you out
She on the phone telling dude what you got in your house
Put that bitch on your mattress how you carry that hoe
Keep it real with her dog you bout to marry that hoe
Them nine O's that you copping yeah that's fin to get hit
Tell your bitch stop bitching off me giving me shit
When you see her popping her at other niggas you quick to frown
Nigga don't save her, let the bitch bust down
Except you, I'm in the projects, busting them thangs
Why you be that greasy ass fool shooting at the gun range
Your melon just like a banana, too easy to peel
Want a competition in this bitch y'all too easy to kill


[Bennie Franks]
Bennie Franks is the name, say this your block man
When I supply the weed, rocks, soap and them thangs
I shut shop down, for forty days and forty nights, woo
The block hot now I have you wondering who are them
We bust your shop down, shh, I'm on silence boy
You's the toughest shit on the corner when you was eying me boy
Could of avoided the pain stop facing and the violence boy
Now fuck you plugged up now, shouldn't of been smiling boy
Where your shells at, can't get us, you know why
I'm the one that sell that, shit dried no potent
Where your V-12 at, never bite the hand that feeds you
I supply niggas from robbers, stay low to, Artesian
You's a young cat, dumb cat, always been a slum cat
Next session, ask your man who front that
Bennie Franks is the name you should honor it kid
Y'all gone respect the game shit I promise you will, gangsta


[Neil Anderson]
Don't get mad when we bend up the block
We straight and we can't be stopped, got the bitches on lock
If you hating then you bound to get popped
Respect the game cause some ballas on top, Legit Ballaz - 3x
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