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Is This The End (feat. Sean "Puffy" Combs) Lyrics

Twista – Is This The End (feat. Sean "Puffy" Combs) Lyrics

This is a story about two lives
Ones from chicago and the other is from New York

Now nigga what you thinking of repentence
But I'm coming back with the vengence
Running like the essense it was intense bottom was the end
I bring these motherfuckers like sentence
What its been sin let me not go deep in the story
But douple up free when I'm rapping got me going up in the zone
Then let my niggas and bitches dat heard a nigga and how it happened
Got thrown in it you remember I was crazy in the shoulder
When I praised to be holder hit a man
Like a crusier within a range with the rover
Instead of you feeling strange to a soldier
Me and puff dropped in the parking lot
I already found the key so lets crawl on the floor
But I decided to rob but we still tracked
I have found a shop I gotta bust that hoe who you gotta drive
I'ma let the M. O. L. L. Ride blast when you crash through the exit
You still alive but our oppersition gotta die when it goes in the zone
To the next shit when the car speed stomp I blast my heat on
Guns cocked I'ma winshield that's us should of been killed
Kept shootin till I see his dirty face do a windmill
Startin cashin for mojin now we frozen aint nobody here holding
Been in th staples kind of golden now we doulging no niggas have roading
They started coming at us with high tec shit
Theres so much a mac can do but you know what we got to do
Don't get in the wind cause this is the end of chapter 2
They coming after you

Living my life on the run, wit these niggas coming after me
Is this the way that it has to be
I can't tell these dreams from reality
Now I'm not afraid to die so it really doesn't matter to me
It just migh
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