[The Chipmunks] Barcelona, Barcelona, oooh...

I had this perfect dream,
[Lesley Garrett] Un sueno me envolvio [A dream wrapped me up]
[The Chipmunks] This dream was me and you,
[Lesley Garrett] Tal vez estas aqui [Perhaps you are here]
[The Chipmunks] I want all the world to see,
[Lesley Garrett] Un instinto me guiaba [An instinct was my guide]
[Both] A miracle sensation,
My guide and inspiration,
Now my dream is slowly coming true...

[The Chipmunks] The wind is a gentle breeze [Chorus] (ooh...)
[Lesley Garrett] El me hablo de ti [It told me about you]
[The Chipmunks] The bells are ringing out,
[Lesley Garrett] El canto vuela [The song flies]
[Both] They're calling us together,
Guiding us forever,
Wish my dream would never go away...

[The Chipmunks] Barcelona,
[Alvin] It was the first time that we met...
[The Chipmunks] Barcelona,
[Alvin] How can I forget...
The moment that you stepped into the room you took my breath away...
[The Chipmunks] Barcelona,
[Lesley Garrett] La musica vibros [The music shook]
[The Chipmunks] Barcelona,
[Lesley Garrett] Y ella nos unio [and it united us]
[The Chipmunks] And if God [Both] willing, we will meet again, someday...

[The Chipmunks] Let the songs begin,
[Lesley Garrett] Dejalo nacer [Let it be born]
[The Chipmunks] Let the music play,
[Lesley Garrett] Ahhhhhhhh...
[The Chipmunks] Make the voices sing...
[Lesley Garrett] Nace un gran amor [A great love is born]
[The Chipmunks] Start the celebration...
[Lesley Garrett] Van a mi [Come to me]
[The Chipmunks] And cry...
[Lesley Garrett] Grita [Shouts]
[The Chipmunks] Come alive...
[Lesley Garrett] Vive [Come alive]
[The Chipmunks] And shake the foundations from the skies!
[Lesley Garrett and chorus] Ah, ah, shaking all our lives...

[The Chipmunks] Barcelona,
[Alvin] Such a beautiful horizon,
[The Chipmunks] Barcelona,
[Alvin] Like a jewel in the sun.
[Both] Por ti sere gaviota de tu bella mar...
[I'll be a seagull for you in your beautiful sea]

[The Chipmunks] Barcelona,
[Lesley Garrett] Suenan las campamas [The bells ring]
[The Chipmunks] Barcelona,
[Lesley Garrett] Abre tus puertas al mundo [Open your doors to the world]
[The Chipmunks] If God is willing,
[Lesley Garrett] If God is willing,
[Both] If God is willing,
Friends until the end,
[The Chipmunks] Viva!

[Lesley Garrett] Aaaahhhhhhhhh!
[The Chipmunks] Barcelona!

[Alvin] Barcelona!
[Simon] Title, B-A-R-C
[Theodore] E-L-O-N-A
[Lesley Garrett] Aaaahhhhhhhhh!
[The Chipmunks] Barcelona!
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Barcelona Lyrics

Twins – Barcelona Lyrics