T-W-I Double G


You knew that I'm some hot nigga
Like I spit fire when I talk nigga
Like you seen it big then it pop nigga
And ima keep on shining on the block nigga
You ready for a war and I brought niggas
You tried to fight the war and you lost niggas
Ready to buy your bitch, how much does she cost nigga?
Down to the wire, I hustle to my socks nigga
And I'll be throwing blade 'til they flat out
Your bitch gave me head 'til she pass out
Where the pot at? All I do is cook rhymes
I'm the only nigga left they all capped out
And I've been paying tax since the first day
Nigga marrying bitches with 'em fuckin' sextape
I'm the king of the jungle, fuck the mountains
Fuck a stinge nigga, I spent it on the same day
Shorty fuck the ferds lets roll one
All I do is fuck, I don't go out
It's royal rumble, I toss all out
Shout to Nelson, fuck a kaffir and a dompas
I had my gun so this niggas ghosted out
I'm the landlord so you niggas forced out
Killed too many niggas, so I lost count
Aint no Ainstyne but I never dropped out
They're non, we the shit so I drop on em
I got too much hate, I run the bus on em
No love for me so I aint got love for em
I got dirty on the script, fuck a love poem
Give her the D, that's what she wants
Yellow thick bitch, that's what we want
93R I go so nice
For 93 months I went so hard
In your stomach ima put a time bomb
E-C-G the A-Class
E-C-G the A-Class
E-C-G the A-Class
I said tell em bring the green you hoe
Ohhh shit! I feel dizzy hoe
One man souldier, fuck your team you hoe
I just lost a few bitches about a week ago
But I got some still twerking hoe, twerking hoe
Time is money it keeps ticking, ticking hoe
Shove a grenade in your A-hole, A-hole
Vukanyi yeah, yeah we sippin' hoe


It's your boy Twigg
Shout out to my nigga Kage, man
Price Tag I see, huhhh!
(Laugh) Yeah!

93R x Jacks Gang
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Hot Nigga Lyrics

Twigg – Hot Nigga Lyrics

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