Uh, uh, yeah yeah
The beginning of the story
Brooklyn 80 N-85 been ballin
Since leany high days... and I’m too spunny
Got my wade up and came back to put my all in
A champion winner stuck in my college ways
All American and then my college days
Run through your whole team like a tsunami wave
Got the ballin, I’m scorin more kind of way
The hard way to back it up you... them
Ten times boy I’m a score champion
A legend in the game y’all remember me,
MG five times NVp
I invite right for the game a dedication
A new life of the game boy I’m the greatest
My... speak loud so you hear it,
That strap in it take flight with your airiness.

Uh, any time, any weather
Heroes come and go with this legend is forever
Any year, any ever, said this heroes come and go
But this legend is forever.
Never have another better,
Heroes come and go but this legend is forever
Still remain on top of the game
See this heroes might they came
But my legend is forever.

14 all stars on the shelf,
My all stars, all stars and they self
Ball hard I’m forever in my prime,
Whether hitting... beat her so I’m slimming from the line
I’m one of a kind, head of my time,
My competition they say I’m rather sublime
They report me the news say I’m coky,
38 points with the flu should I not be
Who you know went 3 in the roll
Lead the game come back and then went three more,
And six titles from your rivals to your idle,
Every game like it’s my last and... for survival,
My legacy shall remain through the years
Bling forever I’ll forever be here
This worlds is true, just as sure asxz you hear it
Let’s trap in it, take flight with your airiness.


28 days of flight
The legacy remains
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Legends Are Forever Lyrics

Twigg Martin – Legends Are Forever Lyrics

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